The Same Earth by Kei Miller

The Same Earth

Kei Miller

Village life - it's the same the whole world over. Only the accents are different. Kei Miller has created in Watersville a village to stand alongside Llareggub (except the name isn't rude when spelled backwards) and Clochemerle. This is a comedy written lovingly, with beautifully drawn characters, and wonderful prose. I was hooked from the moment Tessa Walcott called out 'Imelda-ohhhhh!' on page two.


One morning in January, when the weather started to get cold in truth, Imelda work up, stirred from sleep by the long paaaaawww of a French horn. She didn't immediately start to shiver as she usually would, for the sound had become part of her dream and transported her back to the heat of the island.

  • Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas
  • Clochemerle by Gabriel Chevalier
  • Last Orders at Harrods by Michael Holman

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