Eat Him If You Like by Jean Teule

Eat Him If You Like

Jean Teule

It’s hard to accept that these horrific events reflect a true story as heightened political tensions explode into a tale that takes the reader far beyond their comfort zone; reason is abandoned and bloodlust embraced in this shameful incident in French history. Economically written yet extremely powerful and graphically brutal with religious parallels, this is not a novel that will easily be forgotten.

Hautefaye was still in a state of shock as it began to stir. It was almost as though the entire village was hung over. The fierce beauty of the surrounding countryside seemed to beg the question ‘What on earth did you do yesterday? What came over you?’ The villagers shuddered again, appalled at themselves. ‘What did come over us?’ Confusion and bewilderment reigned. Apart from the main square, the village was deserted, almost abandoned. It was in a state of numbness. Residents stayed at home, hiding behind drawn curtains. Sitting around helplessly behind locked doors, eyes staring blankly, mouths hanging open.
‘Open up! It’s the police!’ Fists rapped on the doors.
‘What have we done?’
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