Dressing Up for the Carnival by Carol Shields

Dressing Up for the Carnival

Carol Shields

The stories that make up this collection are not so much stories as reflections on aspects of human behaviour. How do people cope without windows or mirrors or a letter on the word processor keyboard and why do they have to? These and many more themes crop up. Each piece is perfectly crafted and gives pause for thought - so don't read too many at once.

Everyone is coming out these days for the pleasures of ordinary existence. Sunsets. Dandelions. Fencing in the backyard and staying home. 'The quotidian is where it's at,' Herb Rhinelander wrote last week in his nationwide syndicated column. 'People are getting their highs on the level rollercoaster of everydayness, dipping their daily bread in the soup of common delight and simple sensation.' From: Soup du Jour.
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