Salamander by Thomas Wharton


Thomas Wharton

A magical tale about the adventures of a Renaissance printer and his companions. This is a novel of full of ideas, myths and fantasies. Just the thing for a rainy weekend. The plot is quite fractured, and far from linear but if you are a booklover stay with it, because it's all about books, reading and love and will give you lots of food for thought and some memorable pictures.

The descending wall came to rest and immediately folded in the middle to form a corner. The immense hall Flood's bed had rolled into earlier had vanished, and they were now in a small rectangular room, into which bookshelves began to rise from the floor. The Count smoothed out his silk napkin on the tabletop. He folded it in half, then in half again, his eyes not for a moment leaving the printer's. After several folds he held up a thick, compact white bundle.
I want you, Mr. Flood, to create for me an infinite book.
A book without end. Or beginning, for that matter.
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