Shadow without a Name by Ignacio Padilla

Shadow without a Name

Ignacio Padilla

This book is a thriller written in several parts and in several voices. You have to decide who to believe. It tells a story about an undiscovered plot that may or may not be true and opens up a very big black hole in the history of World War Two before dropping you neatly into it. A gripping and thoughtful read; puzzling, frightening and real.


The only thing I could think to do was draw from my briefcase the small, battered chessboard I had found some years before among my father's possessions. The general affected a smile at its appearance and echoed the terms of the wager he or my father set all those years ago; if he defeated me I must submit myself entirely to his designs. If I won, he would blow his brains out before we reached Treblinka.

  • The Luneberg Variation by Paulo Maurensig
  • Europa - the film
  • An Instance of the Fingerpost by Iain Pears

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