Legend of a Suicide by David Vann

Legend of a Suicide

David Vann

To say that this book is different would be an understatement. It consists of five short stories and a novella; however all are interlinked with the same main characters, so it reads like a novel - albeit a highly unusual one. It’s true its contradictory narratives and unique structure will not appeal to everyone, but the writing is exceptionally fine. I'm glad I read it as it made me feel like some sort of literary pioneer.

As they flew in, Roy watched the yellow plane's reflection darting across larger reflections of green-black mountain and blue sky. He saw the trees coming closer on either side, and then they hit and the spray flew up. Roy's father stuck his head out the side window, grinning, excited. Roy felt for a moment as if he were coming into an enchanted land, a place that couldn't be real.
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