Murder Squad by Martin Edwards

Murder Squad

Martin Edwards

If you enjoy the crime genre then this anthology is for you. Different kinds of stories are included from police procedural to historical. Often told from the criminal's view, with plenty of surprises and even some murderers getting away with their misdeeds. Just right for dipping into - even for those who usually shy away from this kind of fiction. Go on, give it a try.


Most murderers are careless, can't be bothered travelling too far. They work on their own doorsteps, and pay the penalty. The police mark the places where the bodies are found on a big map, and the killer almost always lives somewhere in the middle.

The next time - and he was sure there'd be a next time - he'd come up here again, but to somewhere different. This first one would be put down to a random killing, but when there had been two or three .... He'd have to wait of course. A year would be about right. Not exactly a year; more like eleven months , or fourteen. Unpredictable, that was the key.

  • A Dark-Adapted Eye by Ruth Rendell
  • Winter's Crimes series

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