Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanehara

Snakes and Earrings

Hitomi Kanehara

Set in Japan, this novel begins really differently from others I have read. I have piercings myself but the beginning of the book made me squirm with distaste. Witness the life of Lui - for one so young, she seems hell bent on destroying her life with lurid sex, tattoos, piercings and alcohol. Bad things happen – but it’s not a bad book. Stay with it to the end you'll know what I mean. The final revelation is quite shocking.

Ama responded by crushing his fist into the oncoming face and then straddled Versace who was still flat out on the ground. Ama punched him in the temple, then again, then again, then again. And when the blood started to flow, Ama still didn't stop. The guy was out cold, but Ama kept on, relentless. Maki saw the blood and started to scream. That was the exact same moment I remembered Ama was wearing thick rings on the middle and forefingers of his right hand. The sickening rhythm of metal on bone sent a chill through my body.
  • Autofiction by Hitomi Kanehara
  • Master Han's Daughter : Tales of Depraved NeoTokyo by Midori
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Explicit sexual content