The Fishcastle by Elizabeth Stead

The Fishcastle

Elizabeth Stead

A strange and disturbing tale of love and betrayal set in an Australian seaside village. My sympathy with the dysfunctional Hardwick family soon faded and I ended up disliking them all except for travelling Aunt Hesta.

Jennifer knew they were trying to amuse her and it was difficult not to smile but she refused to give them the satisfaction.

Marlin found the python, eyes staring wide asleep in the sun, its black and yellow coils big as tyres, and he scooped it up in his arms and rocked it gently as a baby.

'Jen say the snake man has to go home' he cooed, 'She's very cross with her ol' dad.' He glanced at Jennifer. There was no smile but he saw that she'd had to cross her arms tight across her chest. 'Gully' he said, 'get a nice fat mouse for snake man'.
'There's only white ones left' Gull said, easily falling into the part.

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