Daimones by Massimo Marino


Massimo Marino

I'm a science fiction 'virgin' and really wasn't looking forward to reading this book. But boy, am I glad I did. Original plot and easy to read, I romped through in days. I found it a frightening experience, not frightening in the sense of BOO!, but one which leaves you quietly unsettled. I don't think I'll look forward to going to bed next time it's a windy night - you never know what you'll wake up to or with whom!

Maybe ads began slowly; maybe their rate would pick up soon. Dear God! The Internet will not last that long.
I prayed for those across the world who were in our same situation; those whose lives had turned into the equivalent of a tiny island of pseudo-normality in an infinite ocean of human vacuum and deaths. I prayed they had access to their Facebook pages, too.
I took the binoculars, and scanned outside through the two windows. Empty roads in the distance and, further away, a couple of villages perched on low hilltops. Nothing moved, and the same truck that ended its run on a field. Like yesterday. Too distant to distinguish any details, but I was sure a body rested in that truck's cab.
I could see nearby houses. No vital signs from roofs, no white smoke from chimneys, no one preparing breakfast. And only he sounds of nature.
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