Falling Out of Cars by Jeff Noon

Falling Out of Cars

Jeff Noon

A surreal novel full of ideas which comment on modern life's information overload, self image and alienation. Written in an open narrative style, in short terse prose, it's an easy read but probably won't appeal to those who like a strong plot and a resolved ending


Looking bad? Looking good? I don't know any more. Why did the girl say that? I bring my hands up to my face, I run them through my hair. These have been my only touchstone, these fingers, and even here I wonder about how much truth there is, contained. Perhaps some small element of noise affects the signal, between the fingertip, and the message of the skin, the dirty tangle of hair. I don't know .... But why did the girl have to say that? ... A mess. Damaged ... Jesus. I curse all mirrors, and hope they never get well again.

  • Vurt by Jeff Noon
  • Pattern Recognition by William Gibson
  • Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

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