Exhibitionism by Toby Litt


Toby Litt

Well, this one got me some funny looks on the train! A mix of short stories, aptly named. Thought provoking and cracking entertainment!


The first words I said to her were these: 'You are the girl of my dreams.' And she was - she was the girl of my dreams; and no other girl will ever be that quite so completely again - and thank God for that. I should've guessed something was up, right from the start. I've never been someone to whom good things happen; not unless it's for something very bad to happen very soon afterwards. Yes there she wonderfully was: sitting arms wrapped around her knees, atop a groyne, nearby the west Pier, Brighton Beach, exactly eight long days ago - as if for all the world she'd been awaiting me.

  • All Hail the New Puritans by Nicholas Blincoe
  • Deadkidsongs by Toby Litt

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