Rebetiko by David Prudhomme


David Prudhomme

Musicians? A threat to the state? Well, if you are a totally paranoid fascist, of course they are. And this is about Greece in the 1930s, when they were ruled by General Metaxas, and - guess what - he fits the bill.This is a story of courage, defiance and sometimes total stupidity. And Rebetiko music is now at the heart of Greek culture because of the bravery of these musicians.

'You'll shine tonight. Your fingers will fly across it! They'll find the way all by themselves. Catch!'

'I don't have the funds for finery like this ..............'

'What? It's a gift my friend. Zero! Free! Nada!'

'With this bazouki, we'll avenge the pigs, the arseholes, our own misers. With this you'll manage to seduce the singer at the Cafe Amen I've invited along tonight ....'

'You did that? Well.....'

Graphic novel (dialogue only)
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Explicit sexual content