The New Uncanny: Tales of Unease by Sarah Eyre and Ra Page (eds)

The New Uncanny: Tales of Unease

Sarah Eyre and Ra Page (eds)

Do dolls or doubles or eyes make you twitch? Fourteen authors were challenged to unnerve us, guided by Freud's 1919 list of irrational fears in literature. This collection isn't gore and full blown horror - in fact I was more unnerved by the anticipation of the book than by reading it. However it did evoke disgust, pity, sadness, even grim amusement, and lives up to its subtitle of Tales of Unease. Try Dolls Eyes or The Dummy or the one that got to me, Family Motel. This book is for readers who want thoughtful, disturbing tales that will put them just a touch on edge.

She tried to think of some answer, but she was obsessed with thoughts of the house, the open door, that darkness and silence. She felt the paralysis of her throat again, the mysterious seizing up of breath and vocal chords, the dominance of fear, the dumbness it caused. She gasped involuntarily, then moved the phone away from her ear. No more Hike.
She pressed the main switch on the top of the handset, watched the logo spinning back into oblivion, then darkness.
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