The Mistress of Lilliput by Alison Fell

The Mistress of Lilliput

Alison Fell

A bittersweet tale of female awakening. Feel frustrated at the heroine's naivety and applaud her as she takes control. An erotic, beguiling and 'feminist' slant on Swift's novel.


'What courage must a man have at his disposal,' she marvelled, 'that he can turn his back upon the past, upon the familiar comforts of memory, and propel his mind ever onward and outward, towards the thin inhospitable line of the horizon?' Needless to say such a train of thought succeeded in only make her berate herself for her timidity, and she was so preoccupied by the shame of her own shortcomings that she failed to consider that even brave Achilles had his heel, and a man who is a paragon of courage on the ocean crest will certainly, in other circumstances, be every bit as lily-livered!

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