A Tourist in the Yucatan by James McNay Brumfield

A Tourist in the Yucatan

James McNay Brumfield

This is an ideal holiday read - a getaway from it all adventure story set in an exotic location, with fast-paced action and some strong sexual content. The violence is graphic but not gratuitous and the sex scenes feel genuinely erotic rather than added for the sake of spicing up the story. Readers will be taken aback by many of the plot twists - it is very hard to see them coming!

The man had a handsome Latin face that was marred by a line of pink scar tissue under his chin. It looked as if someone had attempted to slice his neck open and missed. The raised scar, however, was not the man's most distinguishing characteristic, his eyes were. They were the colour of obsidian, cold and detached like a shark; eyes that could look into hell and not blink.
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Explicit sexual content