Inishowen by Joseph O'Connor


Joseph O'Connor

I was swept along by the verve and humour of O'Connor's storytelling, although buffeted by the occasionally vehement and foul-mouthed dialogue. Surely only an Irish writer could give us such disillusioned descriptions of both Ireland and its people. However you will find compassion as well as comedy in this story of love and deception. Readers looking for a neat and satisfying resolution may be disappointed.


They stood still for a moment, saying nothing. Her sobs came in painful breathy gulps. Up ahead, on the brow of the hill, a mangy black goat trotted into view. It stopped, frozen, watching them. Aitken felt the crystalised sludge soak through his shoes. Without turning to look at him, she raised her head.
'Did you ever hear of loneliness? Did you?'

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