Demo by Alison Miller


Alison Miller

Relive your student years and join these protestors on an anti-capitalist rally! A topical, intimate account of teenage sexual angst, gritty tension and political idealism. An easy novel for the young adult market?

Anyway, here we are. It’ll be ages before the speakers start but. At least there’s mair space – for a wee while, until the rest of the demo gets here. I turn and take a gander round about me. It gies me a chance to look at Julian without him noticin. He’s standing with his shoulders hunched and another rollie in his hand. He must be cold; he’s chitterin slightly. He could a done wi his parka the day, no that wee thin combat jacket. The corner of his black and white Arab scarf is stickin out the pocket. His hair’s the colour a glass in the sun. Like that spun glass.
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Explicit sexual content