The Freedom Thing by Phil Hogan

The Freedom Thing

Phil Hogan

This witty account of a group of forty-something men coping with life after divorce is both surprisingly reassuring and insightful. For those who thought a man proud to be in love was an extinct phenomenon, reading this will reaffirm your faith. Refreshingly new 'bloke-lit'.


Thinking positively whilst masturbating into a plastic bottle required more imagination than Bart had ... well, imagined. But the day seemed to be right for it. He'd be passing the hospital on the way to meet Kate. And though he refused to be infiltrated by the wild possiblity of a modest Sunday date ending in actual sex, he did remember reading somewhere that those embarking on a new relationship anxious not to allow the tail of excitement to wag the dog of performance and timing during that first tricky act of coition would be well advised to enter into proceedings with a recently emptied tank - at least until such time as you could be reasonably confident about the expected duration of foreplay ....

He screwed the cap on the bottle and held it up to the light, favourably impressed at how much he had produced. He tapped the bottle. 'Anybody in there?'

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  • Man and Boy by Tony Parsons
  • My Legendary Girlfriend by Mike Gayle

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