Monkey's Birthday by Simon Crump

Monkey's Birthday

Simon Crump

The blackest of black humour covers the desperation in the lives of the characters in these three novellas. Characters at the bottom of the heap - vulnerable to circumstances, each other or themselves. It's a long time since I've 'enjoyed' such an unsettling read - not least because I can't quite believe that it's all as surreal as the blurb on the jacket claims!

He stirred in four sugars and pressed the spoon against the inside of Catriona's forearm. Hot EPNS seared soft flesh, she squeaked with pain, and Percy laughed. He had no idea why she still got caught out, he'd been doing it every day for the last forty years. Just his little joke. He loved his wife, but mostly he acted like he hated her. Really hated her.
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