A Cup of Rage by Raduan Nassar

A Cup of Rage

Raduan Nassar

A torrent of anger, hatred and contempt flows through 47 pages without a stop. I can't say it made me understand sado-masochism but it certainly brought it to life in the most forceful way. Don't expect soft porn: this is a masterful study of sexual perversion.


so I said 'whore' again and again my hand flew out, and I saw her rosy skin red and her whole face be covered suddenly by a swarm of ants, tears welled up in her eyes, I watched closely, my eyes burning into her face, she didn't move, supported herself on the car, I had steel in my backbone again, she, savouring the lascivious recoil from the smack, skilfully crystallizing a complex system of gestures, her hair dishevelled, enjoyed, almost to the point of orgasm, the sensual drama of her own position, but none of that surprised me, after all I knew her well, the calibre of the thrashing didn't matter, she never had enough...

  • Voyage to the End of Night by Louis-Ferdinand Celine
  • Notes from the Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • The Story of O by Pauline Reage

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