Strange Tunnels Disappearing by Gary Ley

Strange Tunnels Disappearing

Gary Ley

This is an exploration of how obsession can dominate lives, relationships and actions. There are some excellent episodes and use of techniques to distance the reader from the characters; and the sometimes baffling power of politics over individuals is well explained. However, I felt that there was insufficient time given to developing the action at the end.


It makes me realise Meiggs' confidence never falters. I know that, although I don't understand it .... To come through that requires an indomitable will and a colossal strength. 'Hey, you're talking my language,' says Popeye, but, for once, I ignore him. This time his language is unfathomable to me ....

I see then. I understand. I understand that I am waiting for the right ball. The stiff shirt doesn't offer it. He is outside when Sebastian leaves. He is reading. 'What the hell's he up to?' says Popeye when I spot him. I know what he means, that the stiff shirt always seems to be in one of the courtyards washing or eating or talking. Up to now I had thought it was merely a coincidence but perhaps he was waiting to be engaged in conversation, in some sort of witty repartee that he likes and cannot locate on the island. Perhaps he imagines that he can find it in me.

  • A Judgement in Stone by Ruth Rendell
  • Anil's Ghost by Michael Ondaatje

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