Bright Young Things by Scarlett Thomas

Bright Young Things

Scarlett Thomas

Beware the lure of fame! The characters are self obsessed, annoying, but cool. They have each placed themselves in an impossible and ultimately scary place and you do care! It is intriguing and infuriating and ultimately it feels unresolved, but you have to keep on reading.

It's not my life that's the problem', says Anne. 'It's everything else'.
'Is there any cure?' Bryn asks Emily ...
She laughs. 'No probably not. You see, it is my life that's the problem, and I can't run away from myself. Of course, the world doesn't exactly help. All the pressure: trying to find a decent job, a flat in a cool place, a bloke, a good friend, the right food, worrying about your parents dying and planes crashing on London and IRA bombs and tube disasters and hijakings and radiation from mobile phones and GM foods and psychopaths and muggers and corrupt policemen and date-rape drugs and carbon monoxide poisoning and toxic-shock syndrome and road accidents and drive-by shooting and war and people being horrible to refugees and debt and prison and horrible bank managers. Maybe Anne's right. Life totally sucks.'
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