One Way by S. J. Morden

One Way

S. J. Morden

This tense, thrilling, science fiction, whodunit is a first for me and to say I thoroughly enjoyed it is an understatement. The description of living, existing and trying to stay alive on such a barren and soulless planet as Mars really came through in the writing. You're relying on everyone for survival but to know there's a murderer amongst you must be as scary as hell. Much to my delight there is a sequel -and it's already on order!

The older, gray-haired woman with the cheekbones and the eyebrows, who'd taken center-stage on one side of the boardroom-length table, wrinkled her nose at him. The thin black kid and the curly-headed white boy - and he was just a boy - were down the far end. Opposite Grandma was another woman, coffee skin and spiral hair. A moon-faced man was right by the door, and the last member was . . . vast.
Huge arms, huge legs, neck like a tire. Blond stubble on his scalp. And the tattoos. It took a moment for Frank to scan them all. 1488 on his forehead. HATE on the knuckles of the one visible hand. Swastika on his neck. Aryan Brotherhood.
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