The Feast of the Goat by Mario Vargas Llosa

The Feast of the Goat

Mario Vargas Llosa

This is the story of a political assassination, and its repercussions. It's also a meditation on the nature of power, on corruption and on the terrible things that people can do when they are convinced that they are right. This dark and powerful novel is a rattling good read. Even if you know the history - and what will happen - it's still very tense. Ends on a note of redemption and hope.

The invalid has closed his eyes. Has he fallen asleep? His head rests against the back of the chair and his wrinkled, empty mouth hangs open. He looks thinner and more vulnerable this way; through his bathrobe, she catches a glimpse of his hairless chest, the white skin and prominent bones. His breathing is regular. She notices only now that her father wears no socks; his insteps and ankles are those of a child.
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