The Killing Jar by Nicola Monaghan

The Killing Jar

Nicola Monaghan

This really is one of those books you read in one go while wondering why you need yet another dose of real life, low life misery. But it's so well written with credible characters and high-octane suspense that you just can't help yourself. Packs a punch like the uncut drugs Kerrie-Ann sells as a child on the Nottingham estate where she grows up. Definitely one to rave about!

'This might tickle a bit,' Frank told me, running his fingers up and down the bottom of my arm. I felt him stab me with summat small and very sharp. Then a tiny thread of ice snaked up the inside of my arm. I felt like I'd been hit again, punched in the face. No, it were the opposite of that, like someon'd took the punch right back, and all the other hits and scratches ever, and gave me back all the wellness I'd had before but times three hundred and twenty-four. My leg and chest stopped hurting. I didn't care about getting hit, or about losing the packets and what Frank might think about it.
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