The White Shadow by Andrea Eames

The White Shadow

Andrea Eames

Follow the lives of two children growing up under the spell of the Shona spirit world, whilst around them the reality of the guerrilla war in Zimbabwe generates political turmoil. The atmospheric prose will have the witch doctor drums rhythmically beating loudly in your chest, as you become entranced by this unsettling novel.

…I felt the spirits closing in around the house. They were the black fur at the edge of my vision; the dank, musty scent that closed my throat and reached fat fingers down my nostrils, stifling my breath; the laughter in the night. I felt them coming, walking on two feet like men, a silent, waiting army surrounding us, waiting to be fed. I could not hold them back. I was not strong enough. Perhaps Hazvinei would have been able to, but she was sick too and could not help me.
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