Dogside Story by Patricia Grace

Dogside Story

Patricia Grace

If dialogue is your thing, read Dogside Story. This is a beautifully written book that lovingly captures the language, characteristics and life of the Maori. Don't let difficult names distract you, instead go with the flow and you'll enjoy some wonderful, colourful writing. And what's more, it's spoken by some very individual and engaging characters.

Sometimes he thought of going away, leaving this place where it seemed he'd always be a child. Home from hospital he'd thought of it, wanting to save himself from all the over the top care that people thought he needed, not only Uncle Wai and Uncle Morehu, Uncle Arch and Pop Henry, Nan Tini and their families, but the whole whanau including Babs and Amiria with their puddings and cakes. People cooking for him, walking for him, deciding for him, almost seeing and hearing for him, telling him things he already knew.
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