Spelling Mississippi by Marnie Woodrow

Spelling Mississippi

Marnie Woodrow

Madeleine and Cleo have first to meet - you would not believe how often they just miss each other - and then to sort out some serious family problems before the course of true love can run smooth. An enjoyable love story with welcome touches of surrealism (or truth?)


Slumped over her notebook she scrawls words she believes to be fine examples of the elasticity of the English language.

So fukcing drunk rite now. This place is so amazingly spooky I can't believe I'm hear, can you? I may never lea - this pen sucks - Toronto: cold place were I wasn't born and should never go ... (illegible) Where are you swimmer-lady? (cartoon of drowning woman) 'Help! Help!"

  • Pages For You by Sylvia Brownrigg
  • The Man of the House by Stephen McCauley

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