While the Sun Shines by John Harding

While the Sun Shines

John Harding

Philandering lecturer - supposedly writing the definitive biography of his literary hero, John Donne - hits mid-life crisis. Hilarious and poignant in about equal measure but some sharp insights into the human condition added an unexpected edge.

'You realize you'll have to buy Mrs Thursby's husband a new spirit level?' Alison doesn't look up from the kitchen worktop where she has a couple of onions on the chopping board. She's holding a large Sabatier and picks up one of the onions to peel it.
'Why? There's nothing wrong with the old one.'
Thank God for beta-blockers, I tell myself. My heart scarcely skips a beat. This is the first time Alison has mentioned yesterday's incident.
'Apparently he says he doesn't fancy it after where it's been.'

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