Garbo Laughs by Elizabeth Hay

Garbo Laughs

Elizabeth Hay

Meet Harriet Browning, a woman for whom watching movies has become a way of life, as real life, and death, begins to intrude. If you are put off by the word 'bittersweet' then this book may not be for you, but I found it both funny and touching. And I loved the bits of film trivia with which it is peppered.

'Leah you have the most beautiful eyes,' she'd said to her years ago. And Leah had said, 'I've never noticed, People tell me that, but I've never noticed.'

But she noticed the fork in her hand. Her eyes were as surprised as Sean Connery's in The Next Man when Cornelia Sharpe raised a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, thereby putting an end to an Arab with a Scottish accent. Also, to a very bad movie that Harriet sat through twice after getting her wisdom teeth pulled.

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