Cold Light by Jenn Ashworth

Cold Light

Jenn Ashworth

I found this disturbing and often unpleasant - Lola and Chloe and Emma are the very essence of teenage girls and are terribly lost. As the mystery at the heart of the story is gradually revealed there are shocks and surprises and the story darkens, the humour becomes blacker and the sense of inevitability deepens.

A morning sometime in the winter before she died. The three of us went into town; it must have been before Christmas because the daft music was playing in all the shops and the tinsel in every window made my eyes ache. Town was so busy that I kept losing them - chasing them between racks of clothes and shoes that seemed to grow and divide and close in on me like a dream while my eyes itched with tears because I couldn't help but feel the two of them were doing it on purpose, and really wanted me to go away.
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