At the Crossing-places by Kevin Crossley-Holland

At the Crossing-places

Kevin Crossley-Holland

Intriguing, moving, realistic and dream-like in turns, this sequel to Arthur and The Seeing Stone is very much a book about rites of passage, growing up, the first experience of love, and the quest for identity. But it is set against the backdrop of the Crusades and the developing myth of the Round Table.

I'm thirteen, and Sir William has never once shown he cares for me. He must know Sir John has told me that I'm his son, but he hasn't sent me a message. Not one word ....
If I have a home anywhere at all now, I suppose it is here with Lord Stephen. A knight needs his squire. So perhaps it's for the best that I'm going away, hundreds of days, hundreds of miles away from Caldicot and Gortanore and the March.
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