Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas

Our Tragic Universe

Scarlett Thomas

If you like a novel with a beginning, a middle and an end, then this probably isn’t for you! But if you’re game for something a bit different, then wander round Devon with Meg and her faithful hound B, meeting up with old and new friends and lovers, agonising over the meaning of life, knitting socks, making jam .... Just don’t expect everything to be nicely tied up by the last page – a bit like life really!

I never admitted it, and I was sure there was a more conventionally scientific explanation for it, but B was so telepathic - or something - that on a walk if I even thought the word 'squirrel' she'd be off after it. If I thought to myself, 'Perhaps we'll go past the pet shop and get beef sticks for later,' then B would seem to start anticipating it, and would pull in that direction. Sheldrake's theories also, Josh said, accounted for why I found it easier to do a crossword on a Thursday than I did on the Sunday it was published. By the Thursday, he said, so many people would have got the answers that they'd be the morphic resonance equivalent of neon, glowing from some nearby dimension. By Thursday I'd be simply plucking the answers out of the air.
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