Stolen by Kelley Armstrong


Kelley Armstrong

Rather unexpected! I picked this book up thinking it would be a good psychological thriller to discover on page 14 that the heroine, Elena Michaels, is a werewolf! She is also a wanted woman as there are others who are keen to know her secret and the book is an exciting mix of off beat humour, a chase and total fantasy. Certainly different and very readable.

Yes, I was a werewolf, had been since I was twenty, nearly twelve years ago. Unlike me, most werewolves are born werewolves, though they can't change forms until they reach adulthood. The gene is passed from father to son - daughters need not apply. The only way for a woman to become a werewolf is to be bitten by a werewolf and survive. That's rare, not the biting part, but the surviving part. I'd lived mainly because I was taken in by the Pack .... As I sat at the table, I eyed the platters from the tea room. Sandwiches, cookies, and pastries. I could have devoured all three platefuls as a snack. Another werewolf thing. Like most animals we spend a large part of our lives engaged in the three Fs of basic survival: feeding, fighting and ... reproduction. The food part was necessity. We burned calories like fires burned kindling - without constant supply, our energy fizzled out. I had to be careful what I ate in front of humans. It wasn't fair. The guys could down three Big Macs and no-one batted an eye. I got strange looks if I finished two.
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