Babylon Steel by Gaie Sebold

Babylon Steel

Gaie Sebold

This is a fun fantasy novel. The heroine Babylon has a past; as a God and an Avatar on a different planet from which she had to flee. Now she runs a brothel on Scalentine where a mixture of races and species live in harmony. But Babylon's past is now catching up with her and she must return to settle old scores. The writing is lively and the descriptions of the creations brilliantly imaginative. Worth trying for something totally different.

That's Scalentine. It's on a planar conjunction, for one thing; and it has two moons. And once a year, they're both full at the same time.
In a city endowed with a thousand different sorts of madness, not to mention a fairly wide vartiety of weres (the Chief's one of them), you can imagine what a double full moon does.
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Explicit sexual content