Red Claw by Philip Palmer

Red Claw

Philip Palmer

A begrudging truce is forged between the trained killer soldiers and the life-discovering scientists as they battle to save their planet, New Amazon, from total annihilation. I was propelled headlong into this high-energy sci-fi adventure which is quite literally out of this world.


The monster picks up the AmRover again, and dropped it again. Tonii winced. Then he and Clementine opened fire with a hail of explosive bullets - which, to their astonishment, bounced harmlessly off the creature's armoured scales. And so they changed gun settings. Sheets of plasma tore out of their weapons and the beast was engulfed in flames. But the plasma beams were reflected off its tough shiny scales. It didn't ignite, didn't even seem perturbed, but merely peered around, looking for the source of the heat. Fortunately, it hadn't yet noticed the two puny Soldiers standing beneath it.

  • The Age of Ra by James Lovegrove
  • Nova War by Gary Gibson

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