The Colombian Mule by Massimo Carlotto

The Colombian Mule

Massimo Carlotto

Fast and deadly like an automatic gun! The Alligator, a private eye with a past, fights against the authorities to ensure justice is done in a drugs case. But what is just? Who decides? And is violence ever justified? You won't find easy answers here ...


'It'll be a real pleasure to hammer some super-spooks!'
I shook my head in exasperation. 'You're mad, the pair of you!'
Max took my face between his hands. 'Marco, these bastards frame or clear people just as they see fit and to hell with the law. The same lousy bunch that fucked us all over, our entire generation.'
He let go of my face. 'So, for once in our lives, we get even with them.'

  • Candleland by Martyn Waites
  • Harem by Barbara Nadel

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