Prohibitions by Caron Freeborn


Caron Freeborn

The dialogue is written in a kind of phonetic version of an East End accent which took some getting used to, but once the plot got going I was sucked into the sleazy world of pornography and prostitution this family moves in. There is revelation after revelation as Jacob follows the scant clues, left by his dead friend, Angel.


Okay, calm down. So, Angel had a sister. That must be what the connection was, they were both such pretentious first names. Of course, Angel never talked much about his family, Jacob had certainly never met any of them except his parents briefly at graduation, but hadn't there been a picture? That, he did remember. Sure, Jacob had definitely seen a photo, of Angel with ... two brothers, and God yeah, a much younger girl.
Here he was, with a woman who'd been in porn, the ties between her and Angel appearing stronger all the time, yet when she'd spoken, Jacob had at first simply felt pleased that someone so pretty had enjoyed his set.

  • The Know by Martina Cole
  • Kelly and Victor by Niall Griffiths

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