Hard Choices by Carole Hayman

Hard Choices

Carole Hayman

A disturbing look at a future where the government controls everything - including what we eat. Control includes heavy emphasis on the family, homosexuality stamped out, and disapproval of the single and childless. The book is set in an imaginary place but with subtle hints that it's post-Labour Britain. A clever book, providing an entertaining re-working of the traditional political thriller.

The Drome foyer was as packed as ever. The Cyclorama was now showing pictures of an illegal 'Pink Power' demo like the one Grace had encountered .... Many posters and banners displayed 'Pink Pride' and called for the removal of aversion therapy. Meanwhile its instigator, Isiah King, incanted hoarily, 'Those who spread the plague must be contained, re-educated.' Everyone knew the anodyne phrase meant electro-shock treatment, but the film moved on to show the white wedding of a skin-headed woman and a be-ribboned young man, complete with church bells and confetti.
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