The Girl in the Bunker by Tracey S Rosenberg

The Girl in the Bunker

Tracey S Rosenberg

This is a true story of the last days in Hitler's bunker seen through the bewildered eyes of a child, who is going to be murdered by her criminally-insane, fanatical Nazi parents. It's not an easy read, but essential, if we are ever to understand and then deal with racial hatred. Tracey S Rosenberg has bravely confronted what must be one of the most difficult subjects in the world for any writer, and she has pulled it off.

Mother gives so much, even though she is coating her face in powder to disguise the strain. She needs to be in a warm soft bed, with soup and flowers and a bevy of nurses to look after her, but she loves Uncle Adolf so much that she'll wake the six of us in the dead of night to cheer him up. No one else in the shelter is so devoted to him - no one else in Germany loves him as much as we do.

I'm sure he's patting her hand right now, chastising her for wearing herself out. He would never make her stay up all night while he plays with his dog and shouts at the cowards who abandoned him.
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