Borderlines by Michela Wrong


Michela Wrong

North Darrar and Darrar do not exist. They are an amalgam of Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Somaliland. This does not matter. This book is about hope, and the betrayal of hope, about realpolitik. It is about people trying to do their best in difficult circumstances. The personal becomes political, and the political personal. A compelling story of Africa.

'We fought because ... because the Struggle was who we were. It was our father, it was our mother. All my friends were fighters, my brothers, my cousins. But I don't know how many of us thought we would live to see Liberation. The Struggle was the thing, to be there together. It was a terrible time, but also a very happy time. The result was not so important in a way.' He shrugged. 'No, your kind are different. Sometimes I feel very sorry for you. Hope is a terrible thing.'
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