Unseen by Mari Jungstedt


Mari Jungstedt

This is an easy read, but by no means soft. Eager to identify the murderer I had to keep going until I found out. Jungstedt cleverly interweaves the movements and thoughts of the murderer with the story of the victims in an atmospheric and at times chilling read. Having said that there are lighter moments which gave the characters real appeal. It's been a while since I've read something that made me look behind.


Another creak. Someone was in the room but wasn't saying anything .... Then she saw a figure in the spotted mirror on the wall. She felt enormous relief. Her lungs released air that they had been holding inside. She took a big breath.
'Oh, it's only you,' she said with a laugh. 'You really scared me.' She smiled and turned around.
'You know, I heard a noise, and it made me think instantly about that lunatic who's been killing women.'
That's as far as she got before the axe struck her in the forehead ....

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