Picture Maker by Penina Spinka

Picture Maker

Penina Spinka

An epic story of a brave woman who rises to the challenge of her destiny. A young girl in 14th century America is kidnapped by a rival tribe; the tale of her escape and subsequent adventures as she raises her own family in a foreign land are absorbing. A lengthy read that carries you along on its naive optimism.

'I had a daughter once,' the storyteller woman said. 'She died. Life is hard. I think you will not see your home again. They will look for you to run south. Don't'.

Then she did a strange thing. She came close and put her arms around me as a mother or a grandmother might do then placed her old moccasin beside my ragged one as if measuring the difference. Her voice was softer than a breeze between summer leaves.

'When you can no longer bear it there will be a warm coat, moccasins, food and a knife in a hollow oak tree east of the first bend on the northern trail. If you run, go north, but cover your trail as you leave. It's your only chance.' She took her arms from me then, but the warmth lingered even as I saw her walk away. She became small in the distance as she made her way among the wigwams and entered her own.

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