Is Just a Movie by Earl Lovelace

Is Just a Movie

Earl Lovelace

This is the story of a sprightly jaunt through Trinidad seen through the lives of Sonnyboy and Kingkala. It's a lovely novel that explores Caribbean politics, history and everyday life. The people they meet on the way certainly make this story. Not the easiest book to read because of the Caribbean dialect, but don't let that put you off or distract you from a novel that conjures blues skies, white sands and most importantly, fun.

She grasped it with both of her own and pulled herself up to a standing position. With both hands, the woman first dust off her backside, then pat her bosom, heaved the mass of her breasts into a more seemly alignment, dipped into the bucket of mud and began to anoint him, then Arlene and Orlando, other members of the band dipped into the bucket of mud and anointed themselves and each other and with the iron beating and the du-dup sounding, the little woman assumed a half-stooping calisthenics position, cocked the promontory of her bottom in the direction in which the band was heading, turned her head sideways as if to look back at her bottom, put her hands up like somebody ask her to surrender and start to wine.
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