The Lion in the Room Next Door by Merilyn Simonds

The Lion in the Room Next Door

Merilyn Simonds

This book is a series of eleven interconnected stories in which a woman recounts key moments in her life from childhood to adulthood. The stories have a dreamlike quality to them - memories are being recalled and we are told only what counts. The journey moves through several countries and each place is strongly evoked.

Once, when the others left on some excursion, though I was only eight years old, I stayed behind, I don't know why. I sit on the cool marble of the third-floor landing, propped against the wall. From here, I can see both the brass door of the elevator cage and the long blue hallway. I wait. Wait for the door of room 32 to open. Wait for the mystery of the rhythms in the night to be revealed.
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Explicit sexual content