Hieroglyphics and Other Stories by Anne Donovan

Hieroglyphics and Other Stories

Anne Donovan

Ye wannae ken aboot this book? Well, I isnae gaunny tell ye. Read it for yersel'. You may have to make an effort with the Scots, but it is worth it.


Then ah got the next lot of claes fae ma sister. And they were grey. Wee tracksuit tops and breeks in grey wi a navy or rid stripe on them. Grey for the babby wi his peachy skin and big hazel eyes. Sports clothes for a four-month-auld. Ah hate grey. Why should he have tae wear grey because ah've nae money?

  • Six Black Candles by Des Dillon
  • Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh
  • Tide Running by Oonya Kempadoo

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