On Becoming a Fairy Godmother by Sara Maitland

On Becoming a Fairy Godmother

Sara Maitland

If you've ever wondered how Helen of Troy or Maid Marion might have coped with the menopause - read these stories. If you've ever wondered how you (or your partner)have coped, are coping, will cope - read these stories. If you enjoy a wise, witty, and slightly surreal, take on (older) female nature - read these stories. I'm glad I did.

She knew him, he would want to go back. He liked perfection. Not her. She would rather be a grandmother. Going forward was more interesting than being happy.

Years ago she had eaten the apple. No one really understood: she ate the apple because she was curious, because she wanted to know what would happen if she did, what would happen next. She ate the apple because the snake's slitty-eyed smile was not simple, not pure.

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