Antwerp by Nicholas Royle


Nicholas Royle

The real-life Belgian artist Delvaux, and film director Kumel, inspire and motivate most of the men in this thriller, who range from slightly pervy to deeply sick, with a few merely strange guys in between. They find the Internet very useful. Women, on the other hand, get filmed, watched, abducted, sometimes killed.
This Antwerp is not a Gothic tourist gem, but a darkly dysfunctional, alienating place presided over by the spirit of its own Fred West, the child killer Dutroux.

He moved the pointer over the send button and his finger hovered over the mouse. With a smile on his face he looked up from the machine and out of the window. To the left were the docks; straight on and across the river, the long timber-walled shed of the redeveloped Hangar 26, beyond which the tallest landmark was the derelict grain silo at the head of Kattendijkdok ....

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Explicit sexual content