Anna by Niccolò Ammaniti


Niccolò Ammaniti

Grim but addictive, this dystopia will disturb and move you. In a near future where a virus has killed adults, a girl and her brother struggle to survive. Can they afford the luxury of hope?

Without electricity, time lengthened out .... And she came to know Darkness ....
But now Darkness stifled, pressed in and, in collusion with silence, stunned her. Dull and compact, he penetrated every corner, every crevice: your mouth, your nostrils, the pores of your skin. Sometimes, he came down so quickly you didn't even have time to prepare for it; at other times he came slowly: he mingled with the light, bloodied the sun and condemned it to disappear at the end of the plain. Candles were of no avail. The flickering ball that they spread around wasn't enough to defeat the gloom; on the contrary, it made everything more sinister and menacing.
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Explicit sexual content